We Need to Talk & Its About Your Bookkeeping


As Home - Based Business Owners, we often believe we can wear all the hats in our business. We operate as the Social Media Manager, Web Developer, Customer Support Specialist, Tech Support, & Bookkeeper. ...but are you really keeping your books?

Quarter one is done. The habits practiced in first quarter are likely to carry into second quarter & the remainder of the year. If you are neglecting your bookkeeping, you may miss out on tax deductions, which impact your bottom line. It's time we discuss your Bookkeeping.


Here is how you can start to manage your Bookkeeping in a simple manner

1. Create an Excel sheet & document your expenses on a regular basis.

2. Obtain a business bank account. Even if you are hesitant because your business may not have substantial revenue at this moment, you should still get an account. Use your money from you 9-5 job to do your deposit. You want to make sure that all of your expenses are coming out of your Business Account, not your personal account.

3. Even if you aren't ready to hire a Bookkeeper, Book a Consultation. In the beginning of our business journeys, our budgets are often quite modest. You may not have the luxury to hire.  However, in this consultation you can discover tips on how to manage your books. You can practice these strategies as your business grows, until you are ready to outsource this task. 





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